Women-Owned Business

Certified Women-Owned Business

Prime Headhunting & Recruiting, a national legal recruiting firm, has been certified by the State of Florida as an official (WBE) Woman Business Enterprise or a women-owned business. We are proud to be recognized by
the State of Florida as a business that is owned, managed, and controlled by a woman.

We are also awaiting our Federal Certification. This certification, one of the most highly respected and widely recognized in the nation, is accepted by thousands of corporations in the United States, including a large number of private, public, federal, and government organizations.

Top 3 Benefits of partnering with a Women-Owned Business

1. Tax Incentives
This is the greatest benefit. We all want to lower costs without jeopardizing quality. Working with a certified minority or women-owned business can do just that. The state and federal government offer tax incentives to companies that do business with certified minority and women-owned businesses. They are also programs that reduce tax liabilities for projects funded with federal, state grants, or loans when the supplier is a women-owned business. In certain states, additional tax incentives may also be available. When you partner with Prime Headhunting & Recruiting, we provide all the necessary certification documentation needed for your tax filing purposes.

2. Increase ROI and Lower the Cost of Procurement
A recent study shows that working with a certified business can increase profitability with as much as 145% return on investment, offering competitive advantages for procurement organizations. In conclusion, the research determined that procurement organizations who work with a diverse supplier base also had lower overall operating costs and spent 30% less on their buying operations.

3. Increase Supply Channels
By partnering with minority and women-owned certified businesses you increase your sources for goods and services permitting you greater opportunities to analyze options that best fit your organization’s needs