Tips to Increase Your Productivity

A woman trying to write

It’s no secret that at some point, we have all procrastinated from completing tasks. But the good news is, we can increase our productivity by implementing these 5 simple tips.

  1. Prioritize your tasks – Write a list of the most difficult and crucial tasks you need to complete for each day and then do them first. Most people procrastinate on difficult tasks at hand, so sometimes they end up not completing them on time or at all. You will be surprised how much you will accomplish just by doing the difficult and necessary tasks first.

  2. Utilize automation – With all the technological advancements, it would be a disservice to yourself to not utilize automation. You can use it for a variety of simple tasks. Such as: sending out scheduled messages, emails, marketing campaigns, or even post on social media.

  3. Eat healthy – The food we eat is extremely important in enhancing our brainpower and impacting how productive we are. Healthier foods keep you feeling full longer, so you can spend less time eating and more time being productive.

  4. Put your phone on silent – You know the feeling when you are in a flow state where you’re completely focused on a task then your phone rings or dings with a notification and gets you completely sidetracked? I think we all have experienced that, but it’s an easy fix – turn that phone on silent and be more productive!

  5. Drink coffee – Yes! Finally, a tip we can all get on board with. This one seems like a no brainer because coffee has caffeine in it, and caffeine gives us a boost of energy. But coffee has a lot more health benefits than you would think. Studies show it can strengthen your DNA by decreasing breakage in the DNA strands which ultimately can help keep you more productive.